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A passion for helping others grow and develop.

Here, we do things with a people-centred approach. It is possible to build an effective, accountable team in a safe and growth-conducive environment. I know that, because you are reading this, we share the common goal of seeing others grow.

Engaging your team

People are the heart of business and it’s through the engagement of those at the front line where the most impact can be made, where the best ideas come from, and where the focus should begin.

How I help:

  1. I help businesses by integrating people and their processes.
  2. I help leaders create their own solutions that align with their specific needs and goals.
  3. I help teams overcome challenges together.
  4. I help new leaders understand their own value through a mentorship approach.
  5. I help to ensure the unique skills of each team member are integrated into new policies, procedures and recruitment efforts.

Kelly Beattie, BComm, CTC, CMS

Empowerment Coach & Consultant | Transformational Change Agent | Keynote Speaker

Meet Kelly Beattie - a heart-centred listener

It’s my job to bring voices to the table, but it’s in my nature to listen.

I learned my greatest lessons and foundational beliefs being raised on a third-generation farm. We worked hard, we played hard, and we valued family and community. Our doors were always open and there was a place for everyone at the table, to be seen - and most important - to be heard.

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Let’s create something bigger than us, together.

In over two and a half decades of experience, I have empowered many teams locally and across borders to engage in a journey to change the way we lead. Over and over again, I’ve seen how each team is made up of individuals who each want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.
Creating a kind of “place” for individuals to be engaged, involved, and valued is the foundation of Beyond Connections Consulting.
We do this through



Much of our waking hours are spent with the people we work with.
Being able to identify ways to improve the space where each individual feels safe, has communication, and can be connected to each other. Connection brings us to those pieces of improvement.


Building relationships, trust and accountability to make decisions as a team while staying within budget, and offering ways for everyone to show up to give their best self to their role every day while contributing to the wellness of those we serve.


There is so much greatness in each of us. Respect provides an environment for us to be listened to, safe and respected for our different ideas, opinions, and creativity. Through respect, we create an environment for teams to show up with their entire selves.


Together, we can create a productive space where there is room for human nature. We will create an understanding of how everyone is doing and bring empathy for others to improve working relationships - increasing retention and overall wellbeing. 

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