Our Services

Building CONNECTIONS to go BEYOND what we can do alone!

Designing a greater tomorrow begins by leveraging your team’s knowledge to engage, empower, and evolve.

Dealing with the demands your team faces in today’s ever-changing environment is challenging – to say the least. Poor communication, lack of trust, and unclear goals are just a few of the barriers to effective team work.

It’s time to crush the chaos!

Beyond Connections offers a wide range of consulting services, coaching, and immersive professional development workshops to transform your organization now to create sustainable change for the future.

The training and development solutions at Beyond Connections are proven to help your team with the following:

  • increase employee engagement,
  • identify the right tools and resources to generate lasting outcomes, and
  • inspire employees to be proactive about their professional growth.

As the lead Process & Engagement Consultant, Kelly Beattie shares a wealth of experience and knowledge to empower you to take charge of your organization’s change journey by strengthening your team from within.

Kelly’s passion for embracing human talent and connection is key to using your team’s individual strengths to enhance flows of communication and process.

Step into your greatness today.

Engagement Consulting

We engage to evolve your team through our contemporary and CARE-centered approach.

  • Building High Performance Teams
  • HR Development/Support
  • Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Process Consulting

Lean out your processes and transform the way you work.

  • LEAN Implementation/Transformation
  • LEAN 3P – Innovative Design
  • LEAN Education


Lego® Serious Play® Workshop

Get ready to have some fun with your team and learn about each other.

  • Enhances engagement, build effective communication, mutual understanding and high performing teams
  • Fosters creative thinking
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Training sessions

Employee groups, forums, or conferences benefit from topics ranging from:

  • Change and Change Leadership
  • Increasing Personal Effectiveness
  • The Power of Positive Attitude
  • Communication in a Team Environment
  • Principle-Centered Leadership
  • Connecting People and Purpose
  • The Power of Visual Management
  • Creating Accountable Teams
  • Leading Self and Leading Others
  • Closing the Engagement Gap

Our Approach

The Heart of the Business

We understand each business is unique and we approach each team member as such. We utilize individual strengths and opportunities for improvement to create sustainable, transformational change. We also provide individual coaching to improve productivity, minimize overwhelm, and enhance personal effectiveness. Essentially, we provide the support your team needs to be more confident and courageous at work.


We facilitate team-building strategies to provide new opportunities to learn about one another, foster open communication and set common goals. We assist team members to see the impact the changes have on all stakeholders in order to make decisions with a holistic and inclusive perspective. We work with the team to build a comprehensive, collaborative plan for growth and practices to empower teams to become champions of their own change.


We work closely with leaders to develop engagement surveys and recommendations to involve their team members in sustainable improvement processes. We help to inspire leaders to engage individuals to contribute to the team and to become something bigger through the alignment of values and the organization's mission, vision and purpose. Teams are left feeling more connected, collaborative, and committed to each other and to the organization's success.