Our Services

The only constant in life is change.

As Process & Engagement Consultants, we evolve organizations in their understanding of the principles behind process improvement and the importance of employee engagement. We deliver comprehensive training and guidance to empower teams to become champions of their own change.

Beyond Connections understands the challenges and demands organizations and teams face in today’s ever changing environment.  Our team will leverage our knowledge to help your team design a greater tomorrow.

Understanding that each businesses is unique, we approach every opportunity by engaging those at the heart of the business to determine their strengths and opportunities for improvement. Utilizing this information we work with the team to build a comprehensive, collaborative plan for growth.

Building individualized plans for best possible outcomes.

Process Consulting

LEAN Implementation / Transformation

LEAN 3P – Innovative Design

LEAN Education

Engagement Consulting

Building High Performing Teams

HR Development / Support

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Lego® Serious Play ®
Beyond Connections Consulting is excited to offer certified facilitation of the internationally-renowned Lego® Serious Play ® Method as a tool to creatively inspire teams through their processes.


Our Approach

By harnessing the strengths of your company's most valuable resource (your employees) we work to build effective communication, improved morale, mold teamwork and increase customer satisfaction.

  • we utilize practices to motivate and coach staff
  • we coach and mentor to create staff managed teams producing creative idea generation
  • we build in workplace choice
  • we create an engaged workforce that will maintain a lasting effect for all service levels

Beyond Connections Consulting facilitates organizations in the development of their direction for future growth (strategic direction) by developing capacity and effectiveness resulting in high performing teams who constantly seek positive change. In order to ensure you can achieve both your long and short-term business successes to carry you to the top of any service field.

  • Lean Implementation / Transformation

    • Process Development
    • Process Improvement
    • Business Management Systems
    • Product Quality Improvement
    • Visual Management
    • Kaizen
    • Workplace Organization / Standardization
  • Build High Performing Teams

    • Employee Engagement
    • Team Depth Studies
    • Team Depth Studies
    • Customer Service Training
    • Customer Service Training
    • Myers Briggs Type Testing
    • Team Building
  • LEAN 3P – Innovative Design

    • Conflict Resolution
    • Preparing for Program Implementation
    • Team Dynamics
    • Workplace Employee Transition
    • Lean Building Design (3P)
  • Strategic Planning

    • Environmental Scans
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Mission, Vision, Values
    • Hoshin Kanri
    • Linking Strategy to Execution
    • Financial Integration
    • Action Planning
    • Implementation
  • Diversity in the Workplace

    • Generational Diversity
    • Aboriginal Awareness
    • Multicultural Integration
    • Multicultural Workplace Development
  • Human Resource Development / Support

    • Organizational Structure
    • Policy Development / Assessment
    • Recruitment
    • Retention
    • Safety Program Development / Assessment
    • Contract HR Services
    • Contract and RFP Development Consultation