Certified Lego® Serious Play® Methods Facilitator

Play has become a powerful word in leadership circles. It’s been touted in the press as “the number one leadership competency of the future,” “the key to a company’s success” and “the greatest natural resource in a creative economy.”

Lego® Serious Play® (LSP) is being utilized around the world by companies both big and small and by diverse agencies including the United Nations, Royal Bank of Canada, the Government of Canada, Proctor & Gamble, and many more. 

A Lego® Serious Play® workshop is an experiential process to enhance engagement, build effective communication, mutual understanding and high performing teams.

LSP takes a Build, Tell, Learn approach, producing powerful benefits:

  • Allows everyone in the workshop to express their ideas – 100% participation
  • Powerful communication tool helping people listen and truly hear each other
  • Helps groups create shared understanding
  • Allows groups to explore systemic consequences of our decisions, building shared models to a problem, condition or team.

“Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change.”

Barbara Januszkiewicz


Through a structured facilitation process, participants are collectively and fully engaged in the workshop, each sharing their ideas and story.  Increased storytelling and communication create:

  • Increased trust
  • Enhanced openness
  • Improved communication
  • Respect for differences
  • Deepened understanding and empathy

The workshop gets participants thinking with their hands, unlocking insight, externalizing thoughts while creating a safe environment to ask questions and seek clarification.  The conversation becomes about the model not the person.

Each LSP workshop is rooted in proven research and is customized for the group.  So when should you consider using Lego® Serious Play®?

  • You want everyone to participate equally, honestly and openly
  • You want to increase understanding
  • To spark new learning utilizing creative thinking
  • To constructively face complex problems
  • You need your team to grow cohesively
  • You want a new approach to problem solving and planning


For more information and to book your workshop, contact Beyond Connections Consulting

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Lego® Serious Play® is a licensed Lego® certification program.
In 2017, Kelly Beattie received certification in Lego® Serious Play® Methods and Materials, Teams and Groups from the Strategic Play® Group Ltd, License #D2017108.


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