Leadership - A Contact Sport

I was recently doing some reading and came across the notion that leadership is a contact sport. The thought made me reflect upon my years and my various leadership roles and it made me laugh a little. I sarcastically had the thought that yes perhaps it should be. And then I decided to look up the definition of 'contact sport'. 

Now I know there is no traditional contact as is defined here in the physical nature, but indeed people can be irreparably hurt.  I don't mean in any physical sense, (here is hoping no organization outside of sport has that sort of physical contact) but I refer to emotions, confidence, reputation of self or business. 

Leadership requires us to have continued contact with those we serve. We need to be present in mind and body, we need to utilize our senses no different than a player on the field, be attuned to what is going on around us and respond to the play. Leadership requires us to step back and let someone else make the play when it is best served, to put our hand in the huddle and offer encouragement or direction and most importantly to serve up the high fives and fist pumps for a job well done!