Adaptation to Inclusiveness

In a world where information is instantaneously available and there is a push for everyone to attain greatness, how can employers ensure the heart of their organization - the front line staff- are engaged and satisfied?

So many people talk about the generation of entitlement, I believe it's not about entitlement but rather wanting to be a part of greatness. In my experience people just generally want to feel as though they are accepted and belong. Hmmmm I believe this relates to basic human need. People don't need to be on the top 10 list or in the public eye, they just need to be heard, to be involved, to be recognized. They want to be a part of something bigger than themselves and feel as though they are important.

Media would have us all believe it is about money and things, but it's about engagement and a sense of pride and ownership. Employers need to have the ability to recognize this and learn how to adapt to an all inclusive leadership approach. How is this achieved?

The first and foremost way is thru communication. It needs to be pointed, quick and on a consistent basis. Next, employees need to have a way to provide feedback and be included in improvements, seeing their own ideas implemented and accepted. And most importantly, they need to feel a sense of gratitude and recognition for their efforts and successes.

So include your people and celebrate even the small wins that your team attains. It's a small investment for a return that is far reaching!


Kelly Beattie, Change Leader
Beyond Connections