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Golf...A Lesson in Change

Golf...A Lesson in Change image

Perseverance, determination, the ability to evaluate, learn from and move forward with a positive attitude are some of the attributes of good character.  They are also the attributes associated with working through difficult times and change, driving us forward to make improvements.

As I recently made my way around a golf course chasing the little white ball, I realized we can all learn a lot from the game of golf, relating it to change and personal adaptation.

No single shot is the same as the next or any of the (too numerous to mention a number in my game) shots as one plays the game.  Each and every shot requires one to reflect upon the shot prior, analyzing the current one and look ahead to possibilities of those required to achieve the ultimate goal of sinking the ball.  These are the steps to any successful change process. And along with this goes the attitude - we can dwell on the past, be it good or bad, or we can learn from and move forward, working on making improvements and reaching our desired goal. And that attitude can make all the difference to being a success.

So as I made my way around I made a decision on how to proceed with my game and realized that these are the principles I will apply to the changes that come to me, big or small:

  • Find the good rather than hanging on to the negative.
  • Preserver thru the difficult times.
  • Find the beauty that is around.
  • Small miracles do happen!

Kelly Beattie
Beyond Connections Consulting

leadership, perseverance, change, positive, attitude